Frequently Asked Questions

Q.When do I have to sign contracts when buying a house?

A. Loan approval must be sought once a booking deposit has been paid to an auctioneer. Once loan approval is received, contracts can then be signed.

Q.What happens if a person does not leave a will?

A. A will is a very important document in which the person making the will states clearly his/her wishes on how property and monies should be allocated after death. Many people are reluctant or never quite get around to making their will. Without a will the law may decide how his/her assets are divided and who is to benefit from them.

Q.What are my options if a marriage or relationship breaks down?

A. All human relationships are complex and if a person is having difficulties it is advisable to get support and guidance from a trusted professional. The law in Ireland can be very different between marriage and long-term relationships. Reconciliation, mediation and separation agreements are the initial options available to a person. Each option should be considered carefully.

Q.What should I do if I’m being bullied at work?

A. Being bullied is a very traumatic experience for anyone so try and find someone who will listen to you and understand you. Find out about your company’s policy on bullying and report the fact that you are being bullied, as outlined in the policy. The laws on discrimination and bullying have been changed dramatically in recent years and you should check out your options.