Accidents and Personal Injuries

Accidents involving personal injury or disputes with another person or organisation often require the services of an experienced solicitor.

We provide experience & expertise in the following:

Car accidents
Accidents at Work 
Personal Injuries & Insurance Claims
Medical Claims





We provide legal services for buying, selling, renting and leasing of private houses, apartments, agricultural lands, commercial premises and lands. Items that need to be dealt with include Mortgage Agreements, Land Title, Rights of Way, service charges, leasing and renting contracts, tax and stamp duty. It is important to deal effectively and meticulously with each item to ensure smooth transfers or leases of property and avoid difficulties at a future date.

We also deal with queries and disputes regarding property or buildings, including disputes regarding ownership and between Management Companies and individual owners or tenants.

Homes and Property are, for most people, their prime investment and all our staff members are trained to handle all transactions in a very comprehensive manner on behalf of our clients.



Wills and Probatewills

Making a will is a simple and inexpensive thing to do. It is both wise and responsible to make your will now. It is the only secure way of ensuring the proper care of children or dependants and that your wishes are adhered to. It will simplify things for relatives if anything does happen and will ensure that those you care about are properly looked after.

It is also the best way of making sure your property and assets are divided and allocated as you wish. Once a will has been drawn up and signed we can store it in our fire proof Wills Safe, at no extra cost to you, or you can retain it yourself. You can change a will at any time as your circumstances change.

Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person. It involves resolving claims and distributing assets and property according to the person’s wishes and instructions in their will. We have the experience and skill to ensure that all Probate matters are handled effectively and with care and sensitivity.

Enduring Powers of Attorney. It is wise to consider signing an Enduring Power of Attorney so that your wishes can be carried out in an inexpensive way by your family or close friends in the event that you are unable to make decisions for yourself.




Litigation refers to disputes or proceedings that require resolution through the courts. Court cases can be daunting and intimidating for people. We pride ourselves in the care and attention we give to our clients at all times, whether simply visiting our office or when they attend court in relation to their case.

Our dedicated staff members play a large part in this care. They also have the experience to prepare the meticulous documentation that is required to fight successful court cases, or negotiate a successful agreement. We have built up a wealth of experience and success in court cases over the past 25 years.




Employment Lawemployment

Over the past 20 years the Law regarding employment has changed considerably. Contracts of employment are essential in all work places. They cover specifics such as: description of the particular work and duties to be performed, hours of work, pay and conditions, overtime arrangements, holidays, maternity and paternity arrangements, grievance and dispute procedures.

It is important that a contract of employment is drawn up that is specific to individual businesses and companies and to each position or job. We can advise employers and employees on Contracts of Employment and other issues.

Other issues that commonly arise at workplaces and affect employment are:

Accidents at work
Employment disputes
Termination of employment or unfair dismissals

There is a wide range of legislation covering employment. A short visit to our office can clarify what area of legislation covers particular situations and help you understand your rights and options if you are experiencing difficulties.  We have considerable experience with Employment Appeals Tribunals, Labour Relations Commissioners, the Labour Court and Equality Authority. Some claims can have a very short time limit of six months so it is important to contact us for advice at the earliest opportunity. 



Family Lawfamily

Family Law refers to legislation covering difficulties and disputes in all relationships. Disputes can arise over behaviour, control, money, property or responsibilities towards children. Family Law is a very complex area and it is often very emotional for clients. Our firm is always highly recommended by clients for our understanding and knowledge in this area.

Issues include:

Protection or Barring orders
Separation agreements
Judicial separations
Maintenance for spouses /children
Custody and Access issues
Parentage and Guardianship
Property settlements

A large part of our practice is dedicated to Family Law so if you have any query please contact us to make an initial appointment. We can advise you on potential costs at the outset of your case.



The District, Circuit and High Courts
district court

Court work involves representation at all courts in relation to a wide range of issues including:

Accident and Personal Injuries Claims
Civil Actions or Enforcement Issues
Medical Cases
Employment Issues
Land Disputes and Title Rectifications
Family Law and Childcare
Debt collection
Road Traffic Offences
Probate Disputes

Before any court case it is important to us that we meet with our clients to gather information and documents to assist in their case. Since 1994 we have built an excellent reputation with our clients for both winning cases in court and reaching satisfactory settlements for clients before they reach court.